Indonesia’s Infrastructure Assurance as a Solution for Tourism Development

Indonesia has been famous because it has many tourism sites in almost all the region. Those sites can be a good guarantee for the future. If the development of tourism grows faster, Indonesia will have more economical balance so that live in Indonesia will be easier than before. But the lack of infrastructure development, accommodation, and transportation become the obstacle that needs to take care of. As a solution, the government promise to give their attention to reducing this problem. The Indonesia’s infrastructure assurance is a key to developing the tourism. The tourism site is very important for the Indonesia economic, because if it gives more income, the problem in another sector can be overcome.


In 2020, the government planning that Indonesia will be visited by 20 million tourists from all over the world. This is of course to overcome the economic in Indonesia. But before that, Indonesia need to prepare everything, related to the tourism site that will be promoted in the international world. What need to be prepared first are the facility, the accommodation, the transportation, and also the highway. If this problem can be finished so Indonesia will not lose from another country that now becomes famous because of its tourism site. Except for that, the government also asking for cooperation from some private company to finish the infrastructure development. If some private company make an investment, the tourism sector in Indonesia will grow faster.

For this long time, the development is always centred in Java and Bali islands, because many tourists visit this island. But the government cannot let it happen since there are still so many unique tourism sites in another island that can draw interest the tourist’s eyes. The private company promise to make an investment if their investment is guaranteed and protected by the government, so this will the task for the government and also the people of Indonesia, together to create the tourism site become more interesting and enjoyable. We cannot hope economic improvement without doing anything, so the best way is to repair the tourism. The highways that are in bad condition should be repaired and the accommodation to the tourism site should be more take care of.