I Like to Stay Busy As a Board Member in the Area Where I Live

I always thought that living in a gated community meant that everything is handled for you by employees. But because we have a country club on the premises, there are a lot of volunteer positions than any one of us living in the community can run for and secure position on the board if we are voted in by the other community members. I was in charge of helping to redecorate the club. I had some custom mirrors in Somerset County NJ created along with a lot of other things that made the place look amazing. Everything made the place even more classy looking than it already was.

Because I’m a male, many people probably wouldn’t think about the fact that I really like decorating. My wife is the person who got me interested, and she has good taste. She has taught me a lot about having a good eye for many different things used for decorating. So it was only natural that I would volunteer to work with the team who helped me to plan the different renovations that have been made. Each of us is retired, so handling these things helps us all to feel vital and useful to our fellow neighbors.

The newly-renovated club looks like a million dollars. We worked really hard to work with a variety of companies who offer high-quality product at great prices. Because the club is a little bit smaller than we would like, we did not add to it. it’s simply wasn’t in the budget. So my suggestion was that we should get custom mirrors made that would be placed strategocally throughout the building, which would help make it look even bigger than it is. Almost everyone who saw it when the work was done gasped in admiration the very first time they came in and saw everything completed.