I Guess I Am the Advance Man Again

I have done this sort of thing before, but it has been a few years since I did it. I started out working a comedy tour and some of the things I did were strange and some were illegal. So for example if I had to look for Latina escorts in Las Vegas I would not really think too much of it. In fact that would be relatively easy, Las Vegas is an easy place to find just about anything and they have escorts all over the place. You can get anything you want there. It is pretty easy. In fact I know a guy there who knows everything that there is to know about that place, especially the parts that they do not advertise on taxi cabs and party buses. At any rate the hard part is when they want you to do the shady stuff in Omaha or in Topeka. No one I knows would admit to knowing anything about those places and you just have to tell them to order out.

In this case I am supposed to make sure that there is no one who does the sort of thing that I used to do, at least not a certain part of it. If they wanted to pay for a girl, the label would be okay with that. However in this case they would expect me to do a full body search to make sure they were not smuggling drugs into the dressing room. This guy has been on the table looking like death on a cracker a couple of times already. Personally no one probably cares, the dude is really hard to care about. However professionally he has a whole lot of value to the record label and so they want him clean and sober.