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Which is the best SIP Calculator available on the internet?

For those, who are unaware, SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is an intelligent, simple, disciplined and convenient way to invest small amounts of your income at particular intervals so that your wealth can increase over a long period of time. It is basically a strategy of investment where you can invest money in a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the preference you opt for and the amount of money you wish to invest. It is considered to be a safer option as you do not have to invest a lump sum amount all at once for one year. An online SIP calculator can easily assist you in finding a great SIP to suit your financial goals.

We have so reviewed the best SIP calculator available on the internet that can help to better your investment plan.

What is an SIP Calculator?

If you want to invest in mutual fund, but lack the specific amount of money to do so, a systematic investment plan might just be what you are looking for. A Systematic Investment plan is a hassle-free, online tool that will let you know about the best systematic investment plan that suits you.

An SIP calculator can help you trace out a proper investment layout based on your long term financial goals and your present financial earnings. It is a scheme that helps people invest small amounts of money into a mutual fund over a prolonged period of time. A Systematic Investment plan is perfect for roughly gauging the rate or maturity amount for your weekly or monthly input. A Systematic Investment plan that lets you know about the maturity amount of your investment plan by putting on display your annual return rate is the best A Systematic Investment plan you can rely on.

Our Top SIP Calculators

Based on our understanding and review of the SIP calculator, we have come to the conclusion that these five are the best when it comes to systematically planning your investment strategy.

MySipOnline: MySipOnline is a great SIP calculator that methodically calculates exactly how much money you have invested over the course of the duration. It is a free SIP calculator that also summarizes the projected future value for you and has an adjustable expected rate of return.

Canara Robeco: Canara Robeco is another widely used SIP calculator that is free and comes with an adjustable expected rate of return. This offers an inflation planning calculator as well.

SIP calculator: This free SIP calculator comes with an adjustable expected rate of return. The one great thing about this calculator is that it lets you calculate for inflation, provided you want to.

HDFC Mutual Fund: It is a free SIP calculator that allows you to choose different number of monthly payment installments and consists of easy-to-operate sliding bars. Like any other SIP calculator mentioned above, the HDFC Mutual Fund comes with an adjustable expected rate of return.

EverydayCalculation: EverydayCalculation is a SIP calculator that is free and comes with an expected rate of return that is adjustable in nature. It provides you with varied options that are quite advanced so that you can change your systematic investment options accordingly.

Everyone is aware that markets are unpredictable in nature and keep fluctuating every second, if not daily. Hence, it is understandable why people are a little hesitant to invest in mutual funds. This is why an SIP is a much smarter and efficient way to reduce the worst aspects of the market’s instability as an SIP makes use of a long-term and stable investment plan while reducing the risks.

A Systematic Investment plan is a great way to invest in a systematic manner even if you don’t understand the nuances that go into the investment plan. Since you are not investing any amount in bulk, you can easily have the upper hand in the investments you make, regardless of the volatile nature of the market and the growth of your investments every month or week.